366 Concept | 200-190 Timber Bar Stool M75. Ash04


200-190 Bar Stool M (75cm) | Original from 366 Concept
Dimensions: Length: 52 cm | Width: 45 cm | Height: 100 cm
Weight: 8 kg
A taller version of the Iconic 200-190 Chair designed in the 1960s. It became an unquestionable Icon of Polish design thanks to its luxury and elegance. This upholstered chair’s light form, as well as the use of ash with brass details, gives it an air of nobility and timelessness that continues to impress.

Delivery time: 4 – 6 weeks


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Bar Stool 200-190 is a higher version of the famous Chair 200-190, designed in the 1960s. It was created based on this iconic design, as a part of the 200-190 furniture series. Its design combines the subtlety of Art Deco aesthetics and the economy of Danish style. The 200-190 Bar Stool is made of exclusive ash wood and finished with brass details.

The unusual shape of the frame made the Chair 200-190 extremely popular in Poland in the 1960s. The key to success was the unique elegance of the chair and its refined style. 366 Concept has resurrected the entire 200-190 series including Bar Stools, Stools, Benches, and Chairs. Thanks to their luxurious and elegant design they will add glow not only to the dining room but also a bedroom, hall, or restaurant.


Ash. 04


Length: 52 cm, Width: 45 cm, Height: 100 cm


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