366 Concept Minimalist Desk S60


Minimalistic Desk S60
Dimensions: Length: 60 cm | Width: 120 cm | Height: 76 cm

Delivery time: 5 – 6 weeks, package on pallett

Top: oak veneer

Legs: solid oak wood
Contract: norm passed EN 16139

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The Story Behind Minimalistic Desk

Minimalist Desk designed by 366 Concept for our home office that immediately began to inspire architects, so we decided to introduce it to our offer. Its slender, light form and distinctive clean lines create an impression of both modern and classic desks. The Minimalist Desk, with its elegant V-shaped legs, looks admirably next to our 200-190 VAR Chair. It is a stunning piece of furniture for all people who are looking for suitable solutions for a home-like office. The table top exists in 2 sizes: S – the narrow one, 
M – the wider one.


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